Snow Day: 1, Kristin: 0

Kristin Avoiding Stuff

Photo by Kristin Indorato

Is there any more perfect day for a procrastinator than a snow day?

There was quite the blizzard today, and my office was closed. Guess what I did with my free bonus day. Nothing!

It’s almost time for bed now, and there are still dirty dishes in the sink, unfiled papers, and unpaired socks.

I could have:

  • cleaned the house
  • read a book
  • updated my photography website
  • painted my nails
  • done a puzzle
  • played with makeup
  • scrapbooked
  • sorted magazine cutouts
  • or pretty much anything

Instead, I sat. I napped. I ate junk food and watched a whole lot of crummy television that I wasn’t interested in.

Now that my day has come to an end, I rushed to pay bills and update this blog so that I wouldn’t feel like all 13 hours were a waste (yes, I said I napped).

At least it’s something, right? I’m here admitting it instead of hiding under the covers.

And I did manage to do some last-minute stuff. I washed some of the dishes, put a few of the clean ones away, uploaded some photos to my computer…beginning to sense a pattern here. I did do some stuff today, but I didn’t complete a single thing I set out to do. Except publish this. Go me!